Founded in 1992, Ecocity Builders is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reshaping cities for the long-term health of human and natural systems.

We envision the global rebuilding of cities and towns based on ecological principles for long-term cultural vitality and health of the Earth’s biosphere.

We are the keepers of the longest running conference series on the subject of ecocities. The next conference will be held in Abu Dhabi, UAE, October 11-13 2015.

We partner with local community groups and organizations to initiate and build demonstration projects, pieces of the ecocity and are consultants to projects both locally and globally.

Ecocity Builders is known for its education and outreach. We regularly provide workshops and design charrettes, in addition to books and articles for various media outlets.


The Ecocitizen World Map Project trailer now live

Sven Eberlein has put together the first Ecocity World Map trailer. Watch to get an introduction to what Ecocity Builder is doing for participatory resource mapping in Morocco, Egypt, Colombia, Peru and more!

Ecocitizen World Map – Project Trailer from Ecocity Builders on Vimeo.

Bids for hosting the 2017 Ecocity World Summit now open

Ecocity Builders is full speed ahead planning the upcoming 2015 Ecocity Wold Summit in Abu Dhabi. We are now excited to announce the opening of the bid process for hosting the 2017 iteration. The International Ecocity Conference Series was the first and is now the longest running conference on ecological city design. From Yoff, Senegal to Chenzen, China and Berkeley, CA, the series has been hosted on every continent except Antarctica. Does your city want to join the legacy of change-makers? READ MORE