Founded in 1992, Ecocity Builders is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reshaping cities for the long-term health of human and natural systems.

We envision the global rebuilding of cities and towns based on ecological principles for long-term cultural vitality and health of the Earth’s biosphere.

We are the keepers of the longest running conference series on the subject of ecocities. The next conference will be held in Abu Dhabi, UAE, October 11-13 2015.

We partner with local community groups and organizations to initiate and build demonstration projects, pieces of the ecocity and are consultants to projects both locally and globally.

Ecocity Builders is known for its education and outreach. We regularly provide workshops and design charrettes, in addition to books and articles for various media outlets.


Ecocity World Summit 2015 Call For Proposals

We are excited to announce that the Call for Proposals for Ecocity World Summit 2015 is officially open. Please visit to learn more about how to submit ideas for actions, papers, presentations, or booths at the October conference in Abu Dhabi.


Ecocity World Summit 2015 will be a meeting point for urban planners, architects, policy makers, city management practitioners, innovators, academics, and other professionals from government and industry.

The Summit’s aims are to support the development of ecocities of the future by:

  • Showcasing best practices from around the region and world
  • Encouraging global and regional learning from the assembled experts
  • Sharing ongoing initiatives and help shape new ones
  • Allowing for networking and furthering inspiration to develop the next generation of ideas, projects and strategies for ecocities

The 2015 Ecocity World Summit Invites you to submit a proposal for presentation at the 11th Summit in Abu Dhabi from the 11-13 of October 2015.