Ecocities Emerging

Ecocities Emerging is a monthly e-newsletter featuring articles, ideas and events from the worldwide ecocity movement. It is an initiative of Ecocity Builders and the International Ecocity Conference Series to assist humanity’s transition into the Ecozoic Era.

The Ecozoic Era refers to a vision, first promoted by cosmologist Thomas Berry, of an emerging epoch when humanity lives in a mutually enriching relationship with the larger community of life on Earth.

Will we be able to make the transition in time to retain a biosphere healthy enough to regenerate living systems now under extreme stress? Our role in exploring ecocities is to clarify a vision of cities that can. And then go out and build them. There is no way to be certain we will succeed, but our position is that there’s no time to just sit around and wonder about it: now is time for action.

Maybe one day all cities will be ecocities.